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Welcome to the State Grant Workplan and Progress Report Database

The State Grant IT Application (SGITA) was created in response to Grants Policy Issuance (GPI) 11-03, "State Grant Workplans and Progress Reports." The policy was developed by the State Grant Workplan Workgroup and was designed 1) enhance accountability for achieving grant performance objectives; 2) ensure that State grants are aligned with the Agency’s Strategic Plan; and 3) provide for more consistent performance reporting. To achieve those objectives, the GPI requires that workplans and associated progress reports prominently display three "Essential Elements": the EPA Strategic Plan Goal; the EPA Strategic Plan Objective; and Workplan Commitments plus time frame.

The GPI applies to the fourteen State grant programs previously subject to the State Grant Performance Measures Template. It supplements, but in no way supersedes, existing workplan requirements in 40 C.F.R. Part 35 Subpart A. The effective date of the GPI is October 1, 2012.

Awards made under Program Code "L" for State and Tribal Underground Storage Tanks Program utilizing STAG funds are required to submit workplans and progress reports in SGITA. Those awards funded using LUST funds are not applicable to GPI 11-03. If an award has both STAG and LUST funds, those workplans and progress reports must be entered into SGITA

SGITA was developed from a requirement in the GPI stating that an application needed to be created to electronically store workplans and progress reports for the applicable programs. EPA Project Officers are to enter the information into SGITA as frequently as workplans and progress reports are required per the terms and conditions of the grant award. The application is accessible to EPA Personnel, OMB, and State users.

If you are new to the database and need assistance, you can access the user guidance documents on the right of this screen.

To access the SGITA Database, click on the "Login" link on the right. In the database you can edit the Grants assigned to you (update information, upload workplans, add and delete attachments, etc.). User can search for Grants that meet specific criteria (custom search).